Retaining Wall Repair

In order to prevent or reduce flooding from your property it is important to repair your retaining wall if you noticed it has been leaning or tilting. You noticed soil erosion on your property. This happens a lot when you have a hill on your property. There are many types of retaining walls on the market that benefit our customer’s specific property requirements. Each property requires a retaining wall for different reasons. There is a specific retaining wall just for you. Our expert foundation specialists will inspect your property and educate you on your different retaining wall options that best suits your property.

How do I know if a retaining wall is failing?

There are three common signs that allow you to identify when your retaining wall is failing. If you have noticed that your retaining wall is leaning, this needs to be attended to immediately as it is the number one sign to a failing retaining wall. There has been cracking and bulging of your retaining wall. These are signs that indicate that you need to have your wall retained and your wallpaper restored. Do not neglect these signs as this will result in serious structural damage in the future. Prevent those damages by retaining your wall today with our impeccable wall retaining repair services.

Why is my retaining wall leaning?

Your retaining wall has started leaning and over time it has gotten out of hand. The reason for your wall to start leaning is that the pressure from the soil behind the retaining wall has caused them to tilt or lean. Over time as your retaining walls age they will be prone to leaning or tilting from the pressure of the soil. It is important to repair any retaining wall that has identified leaning or tilting. In the long run allowing the retaining wall to learn and tilt more than it has already will result in major structural damage for you. The repairs to major structural damage are quite high, so repair your retaining wall as soon as you notice any leaning or tilting. We promise that our service will repair your retaining wall and save you on loads of money you would have spent to repair the major structural damages.

Can crumbling concrete be repaired?

With time we have had the chance to study what our customers have problems with. One of the most frequently asked question is if their crumbing concrete can be repaired. It is possible to repair your crumbling concrete patch; however a in-depth investigation is structured to find the root of the cause. A repair method is available and we will ensure the best solution has been provided to the customer. We will educate our customer on the various solutions that will only benefit them. There are many reasons as to why your concrete could be crumbling; we are not the type to add a plaster onto a wound. We aim to find the problem and provide results in which repair the solution and prevent it from happening again.

How to maintain my retaining wall

There are some ways in which you are able to maintain and care for your retaining wall to prevent it from leaning or tilting. You need to do regular check-ups on your retaining wall. You need to ensure that there is no extra pressure which could lead it to leaning over time. Do not treat your walls, contact us and our professional team will assist you once a problem has been identified. We offer free foundation inspection estimates for our customers in the event that they require our services. Be sure to remove any debris from your drainage system to ensure a good clean flow in your drainage system. You are required to fill in any eroded areas on your property and replant any dead spots that have occurred over time.


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