Pier & Beam Repair

If you are looking for pier and beam repair, you need to ensure that the place you are looking at is reputable. We are known for being the most professional pier and beam repair company. Our experienced team are educated on how to conduct a safe and completed repair service. We help you maintain a good value on your home or your building. With our service we guarantee that we will get your home back to the stability it had which will last you a lifetime. We have specialised in pier and beam foundation repair to ensure our customers are covered in all their foundation repair needs.

What does my pier and beam foundations do?

The purpose of your pier and beam foundation is to keep your home level and stable. It prevents your walls, floors and your doors from damaging due to shifting soil. Your windows are affected by your foundation being damaged; you would notice cracks and gaps around your windows and your doors. Once you have called a professional to inspect your home for foundation damage. The foundation specialist will educate you on the process further and what needs to be done to your foundation. We have many solutions for our customer’s pier and beam foundation repair needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Need to know about your pier and beam

Your pier and beam foundation consists of wood posts that are on top of your formed concrete piers which are set in the ground. The purpose of your pier and beams are to carry the weight of your home. The best structure to use this method is a home that will be built up instead of across. If your home is built up it will be constructed using a pier foundation. If your home is built across your home will be constructed using a concrete slab foundation. We will provide our customer with all the information they need to know about their pier and beam structure.

Did you know?

Your pier and beam foundation would mostly be used if your foundation was a simple build. Pier and beam foundations are one of the inexpensive foundations in the market. Having a pier and beam foundation can result in problems for the home owner. There are results of pests living under the foundation due to the crawl space. Home owners with pier and beam foundation have had more results in termites and moisture affecting the foundation of the home. These spaces below the house allow excess water an access point, and unwanted inhabitants under your home. You would install a pier and beam foundation in an environment where stability for your home was an important factor.

How do I maintain my pier and beam foundation?

There are plethora’s of ways in which you are able to maintain and care for your pier and beam foundation. You need to maintain a good drain system for your foundation, this is one of the most important things to do when you have a pier and beam foundation. To direct the water flow to the drain, instead of having your water build up creating moisture and water damage. Clean and regularly inspect your crawl space beneath your home. This crawl space needs to be maintained well, as this is where most of the problem may occur from. Do regular foundation damage checks to ensure that your foundation is in good condition.


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