House Raising

Are you looking for the right professional to assist you in raising your property for a new foundation? There are many reasons why our customers need to have their homes or buildings raised. Are you looking at having a basement built? Or are you looking to add some extra living space to your home. You have been considering adding a second story to your home and you were wondering if you can have it done, we have the solution just for you. Amongst all these reasons as to why our customers need their homes raised the main problem is that our customers need their foundations repaired or replaced.

Why should I raise my home?

There are numerous reasons as to why you would need to have your home raised. One of the main reasons is that you require foundation repair services. Cracked foundation shows problems around your home that indicates it needs to be repaired. You can have your home raised if you were thinking about adding to your living space and adding a new addition to your home. Perhaps you were thinking about building a second story to your home, this means your foundation needs to be tailored to the new building structure and the weight of it. Our executive customer service specialists will guide you through the process.

Indications that you need your house raised?

Various signs indicates that you need your foundation repaired, depending on the verity of your foundation damage you might need your home raised. Your walls are starting to lean; if they are left unrepaired it can result in structural damage. Your floors may have uneven ground or cracks that are starting to reveal it, this means that you require foundation repair. Wondering why your foundation has started sinking, it’s an obvious sign that you need to repair your foundation problems immediately, not repairing it immediately can result in serious structural damage. Neglecting your foundation can result in a large cost in structural repair. Contact us today about how you can change that.

Can I live in my house while it is being raised?

In order for us to complete raising your home it is best for the tenants to find another place to live while the house is being raised. This can be a lengthy process from about 4 – 8 weeks once the process has begun. To make this as smooth as possible for us and our customers it is best for them not to stay in the home during the process. One of the main reasons is that the utilities are cut off during the process. Once the process of raising your home has been completed, we guarantee that your home will be comfortable and safe for you to live in.

Do I need to remove my furniture?

We advise our customers to have their fragile items be stored away such as crystal ware or high cabinets to ensure the safety of them. If you have any unstable items in your home it is best that you store those items away during the process of having your house raised. Some of your items are able to remain inside your home throughout the process of your home. After inspection and a process has been mapped out for your home, our professional foundation specialist will advise you on which furniture items can remain inside your home during the house raising process. We also offer retaining wall repair service.


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