Concrete Slab Repair

Have you noticed a few things in your home that has changed over the years and you aren’t too sure what to do about it? Are you wondering why your floor has sunken in or why there are cracks in your walls? If your concrete foundation was not installed properly due to numerous reasons and the flaws are starting to reveal itself now. The best thing you can do is contact your expert foundation specialist who will advise you with the best way forward for your concrete foundation. We are the right decision to repair your concrete slab foundation near you.

Can my slab foundation be repaired?

If you are looking at having your slab foundation repaired, your foundation needs to be evaluated by a professional. Repairing will reduce the cost of repair on the damage of your slab foundation. Your repair service can take anywhere between 2- 3 days to ensure a quality repair to prevent your concrete slab from ever being damaged again. Depending on the size of the foundation there are variables that could result in the process to last a little longer than 2-3 days. Your concrete slab can be repaired after consulting with your foundation professional. Call us today and one of our experts will assist you with your query.

What caused my foundation to crack?

There are many reasons why your concrete slab foundation has cracks. Due to poor construction is the main reason as to why your foundation would have cracks. There have been instances where due to soil conditions the concrete slab has been cracked or damaged. If you are building in an environment that has a lot of moisture your concrete foundation will in turn reveal cracks to it. Perhaps you have had plumbing leaks recently and noticed that there are foundation cracks because of the plumbing leaks. Plumbing leaks are one of the main causes of cracks in your concrete foundation.

How do I know if I need foundation repair?

We have put together a couple of signs to identify when you are wondering if your foundation needs repairs. You noticed that there are cracks growing in the interior walls. Cracking will form in the interior and exterior of your home. Your doors no longer have the easy to open and close feel to it, you’re struggling to open your door and close it. After more inspection you noticed that there are gaps between your crown molding and your ceiling. Perhaps you noticed that your floors or your foundation has sunken in and you are 100% sure it wasn’t there before. Your patios are no longer attached to your home. These are signs that you need to have your foundation repaired immediately.

Can I have large cracks repaired in my concrete?

Our customers have presented us with different types of repair problems and we have always had the solution for them. We ensure that our customers’ concrete foundation is cared for and installed correctly. Our team of highly trained professionals had years of experience to service our customers repairing their concrete foundations with the customers interest at heart. Wide cracks are one of the biggest problems our customers are faced with. Our team has just the solution for you when repairing your large cracks in your foundation. We have a highly recognized method in which we use to repair our customers foundation to ensure that there are no more cracks in their foundation. We also offer pier beam repair service.


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